A Forever Home for Our Albuquerque Special

A Forever Home for Our Albuquerque Special

An Awesome Shelter Find

South Platte Humane Society in Littleton, Colorado often sends volunteers to reservations down in New Mexico where they spay and neuter dogs for free. When they see puppies, they offer to take them back to the shelter in the Denver Metro Area and where they can search for forever homes.

Three years ago, Porter was one of those puppies. But her name back then was Molly Brown. She was eight weeks old and freaking adorable. We took her home that day. We did not plan on taking a puppy home “that day.” Here is how that one came about:

Best Christmas Present Ever

My Christmas present from Dave the year before had been a promise that he would get me a dog. This way, I could be part of the searching process, instead of just opening a box and having a little wet nose pop out.

We had searched around a lot and even after the promise, Dave was still uncertain that it was a great idea. But he knew I wanted a rescue, so the search would take a bit longer than if we had wanted to go with a breeder – we are huge proponents of rescue dogs and supporting local shelters. He had some time to get used to the idea.

After a few months, we saw that South Platte was having an adoption event with lab-mix puppies. I have an old friend who is a long time volunteer there and I know it is an amazing shelter. So we decided to check it out.

A Quick Side Note

We completely encourage adopting young, adult, and senior dogs and would love to do so ourselves in the future. We wanted a puppy because we have a senior cat that has become very expensive due to medical issues – and she is my baby. We needed to be absolutely certain that whatever dog we brought home was cat friendly. A puppy was our easy out.

Adoption Day

South Platte typically takes in a good amount of “dangerous breeds” since they are not banned in Arapahoe County as they are in various counties throughout Colorado. As Dave and I waited for the puppies to be brought out (we got there early as puppies get adopted quickly), we went around to visit all the other dogs, regardless of breed, and offered up tons of loving and pets. We talked to the volunteers, patiently hung out.

Finally, the puppies were brought out. Three little siblings and a tiny Doberman with a cone-of-shame. And just like that, the littlest puppy was adopted. Just…like…that. Damn. Three left and all so sweet – how to choose between three sweet, loving puppies!

Then Dave, being the level-headed individual that I both love him and slightly despise him for, noticed that the little female was interested in everything around her. She would constantly check out her surroundings, some grass in the water, the people above her. Little girl must be smart. We wanted a smart one and she was it.

After filling out paperwork and doing a quick interview with one of the volunteers, we were completely expecting to be sent on our way and told to pick “Molly Brown” up after everything was reviewed and we were “approved.”

Unbeknownst to us, they were sizing us up the second we walked up. They were eyeing us as we went from pit bull to terrier to whatever other mix they had, giving pets and loving to each and every dog, and as we talked with the volunteers.

They sent us on our way all right. With our new puppy in hand.

Our New Mexican Porter

Porter is dark black with some brown brindle that comes out in the sun. She has a white chest and white toes. She has all the coloring of a freshly poured nitro porter beer. Dave and I love porters. It was meant to be.

Porter the Boxador Adopted from a ShelterApparently, there are dogs that look exactly like ours all around New Mexico. So much so, a couple at one of our favorite breweries had a name for them all, “Albuquerque Specials.”

According to a doggy-DNA test, bought from the experts at Amazon, an Albuquerque Special is a mix of Boxer, Labrador Retriever, American Staffordshire Terrier, and what they deem as “other.” Our particular Special is a dog with a Lab head and a Boxer body, at least when it comes to Porter. And the Boxer is very apparent in her personality: smart, goofy, and stoic all rolled into one.

Porter is a pack dog. Dave and I are part of her pack. If Dave goes to the grocery story, she will post up on the couch and stare out the window until he returns. I’m chopped liver. I can’t even bribe her with peanut butter. The same is true if it’s my turn to head out of the house.

So we take her everywhere as you can see in many of the photos on this site. She is our four-legged child that is spoiled beyond belief.

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