About David and Katie

About David and Katie

Hello! And welcome! We are David and Katie, the think-tank behind Not Quite Retirement. We both recently left the corporate world behind and hope to begin to stray away from using corporate language – like “think-tank”- as our time here goes on. We have decided to never again work for anyone but ourselves. And to help you do the same.

Creating Wealth

Not being employed comes with a few downfalls. Like no income. No health insurance. No retirement plan.

Addressing the no income issue first, a quick Google search will lend a ton of different ideas to make money at home or by working for yourself. Some are legit, others are not.

How do you tell the difference? And once you choose a work-for-yourself path, how do you make sure that you are successful? That’s what I’m here to help you with.

I’ll take a look at quick money schemes like surveys and secret shoppers (I heard this is a great way to get free beer…except I was too old for the job. Age-ests. Jeez.) I’ll research a few popular MLM’s like Avon or Beauty Counter, and ideas like blogging, marketing hobbies, or starting up charities.

And because my background is in finance, I find that I go a little nuts if I don’t post about something financial every once in a while. Like using financial statements to see how profitable your business is.

So the other two issues mentioned above – no health insurance and no retirement plan – will definitely be touched upon. It’s just in my nerdy nature.

Basically, I will research whatever looks interesting as a money making venture – or whatever you guys would like me to look into. Send me a quick email (katie@notquiteretirement.com) or comment on any post and I will see what I can find out.

For more on me and Dave and how we reached the point of throwing it all in, keep on reading.

Quitting Grown-up Life

Dave and I met at work, as grown ups. Our cubicles were located next to one another in a call center for a reputable discount broker/dealer in Colorado. As time went on, Dave ended up in wealth management and I gravitated toward risk management.

Our incomes grew and we began putting away some savings. (Ok, this is a lie. Dave has always been great at saving, and I mean great. I had a condo’s worth of student loans that I needed to pay down while still growing some savings. Let’s just say I was a bit behind.)

After a few good investments, a total pay-off of debt, and some serous soul-searching regarding the Denver and surrounding area’s housing market, we decided to quit our jobs and move to Boise, ID.

I know what you are all saying: “Why Boise?” Everyone we knew asked us that too. And I’d love to tell you, but I love Boise even more and don’t want to entice too many people to discover our secret.

We bought a fixer-upper house that we semi-affectionately call “The Blue Beast.” We have updated the lower level living space into an apartment for Dave’s mom, while we reside on the upper level where the walls…and carpet…are pink.

It’s a work in progress, but the price was perfect. We paid what the house was worth at the time (there was a hole in the side of it), which wasn’t a ton so our monthly payments are low.

And we have ample room for a yard for our dog, Porter, and our cat, La Vie, as well as what I hope will be a large garden.

Needless to Say…

After a string of life-changing decisions, we now live in a new city, in a house that needs a ton of work, on land that needs landscaping, so we can figure out how to make money without working traditional jobs.

All I can say is thank God Dave is so handy, because I don’t think we could be any more over our heads!

Please join us in our journey of self-imposed chaos so that if you choose to do the same, your journey may be a bit less chaotic. We will be posting stories of our successes, defeats, and learning lessons as we go. Feel free to post any questions, comments, suggestions, or encouragements below.

Here’s to our Not Quite Retirement.

Katie (and David, even though he is working on the roof as I type.)

Founders of Not Quite Retirement

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  1. David Maxwell June 6, 2019 at 12:46 pmEditReply


    I tried calling the number that was on your card attached to the picture but it had a message that it was not a working number. I want to thank you for the picture very nice and I will proudly hang it in the office. Thank you for thinking of veterans especially on this special day “D-day”

    • Katie Post authorJune 6, 2019 at 5:00 pmEditReply

      Hi David, Sorry about that! I’ll have to check what is going on with my number. You’re very welcome! I’m so glad you enjoy the photograph. We definitely appreciate all veterans and current military, and love to show our appreciation any way that we can.

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